Son arrested after gun, ammo found in father’s truck and bedroom

After detaining a 21 year old mechanic in connection with the discovery of a quantity of cocaine pellets 21 Year Old mechanic busted with cocaine pellets in hotel room on the East Coast Demerara Saturday morning, the police moved further up the East Coast Demerara where they continued another leg of the operation.

In the continuation of the investigation, a 20 year old was arrested and his father is being sought by the police after a firearm and a quantity of ammunition were found in a bedroom and a special compartment of a truck.

The gun and ammo which the police removed from the elder Barry’s room and truck

BIG Smith Crime Watch was told that the later operation might have stemmed from the information which the 21 year old mechanic shared with the police under interrogation Saturday morning.

Arrested in the second operation is 20 year old Tiree Barry, a labourer who resides at lot 832 Dazzell Housing Scheme, Paradise, East Coast Demerara with his father.

According to the information received, the police went to the location but the elder Barry was not at home. His son however granted access to the premises and showed the police his fatherโ€™s room upon their request and a search discovered one round of ammunition stashed in a chest of drawers.

A further search was conducted on truck GWW 1304 which is said to be the property of the young manโ€™s father. It was during that search that the detectives discovered, concealed in a compartment of the truck behind the driverโ€™s seas, one .45 Smith and Wesson Sig Sauer P250 Pistol with its serial number intact.

The police also found a magazine with five rounds of ammunition. The young man was asked by the police if to the best of his knowledge he or his father were licensed firearm holders and he responded in the negative.

The 20 year old was placed into custody while the police are said to be hunting the father whose name was given as Vassie Barry




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