Six year old child assaulted by mother on the road to recovery – father

The six-year old East Canjie child  who was knocked unconscious by her mother is on the road to recover says her father Steve Ramsarran. The man explained that the child has  regained consciousness as he remains thankful that she is alive. The mother of the child had confessed to hitting her in the head and dumping her into a nearby swamp. This confession came only after the child was found after she was reported missing.

Ramsarran who has been with his daughter at the hospital explained she has been responding better, “she can talk and she catching back herself,” the man said, “she was able to recognize me and she can say her name and stuff,” he explained. Ramsarran said too that he is still trying to cope, given the fact that the worse could have happened and he could have lost his daughter.

The injuries are many he said as he anticipates the incident could led to life long trauma,  “she get a knock on her left side arm by the elbow, she get three buss on her head back like about 4 inches long and her two eyes are swollen, her right side eye on top get a buss and her face swell up too,” the emotional father said

Ramsarran explained that he and the mother share two children, the other is 5 years old and for whom he has custody. The couple has been separated for three years said. He now wants full custody of his 6 year old daughter since he is ‘fearful’ for his daughter’s life, “with what my daughter go through here, I don’t want it to happen again,” he appealed.

Recalling the events of the day Ramsarran explained that he would pick the child up every Sunday to see her sister. He recalled something being “off” when he called on the day in question. He recalled arriving at the mother’s home to persons gathered in the yard as they formed a search party for the child. He said he drove to the Reliance Police Station where he made a report, “same time I make a report at the station I see a patrol van passing and I shout them out and tell them that my daughter just disappear and nobody ain’t know where she gone.”

The father recalled seeing his daughter when she was found, “I see the grandfather stumbling coming out with something in he hand and I decide to run towards him and I see my daughter in mud from head to toe and I grab her from his hand and the police reverse the van and meet me up and they rush her to New Amsterdam Hospital.”

Ramsarran, in an interview with this publication said it is a miracle his daughter survived that incident because when he found her “she was almost lifeless” and she mud was stuck in her mouth and nose. The Director of Public Prosecution has since asked that the child be placed in protective custody and has ordered a psychiatric evaluation for the mother.