Six Weeks Old Baby Left Fatherless After West Demerara Crash

A resident of the community uses a hose to wash off blood and sand from the roadway where Walcott’s head was crushed.

While still bearing scars from a motorcycle accident in April of last year, 19 year old John Walcott a father of a six weeks old baby girl and of Lot 367 Westminster, West Bank Demerara met a gruesome demise on Wednesday afternoon on the Wales Public Road, West Bank Demerara.

Walcott died after a motorcycle he was on skidded around a turn resulting in him being flung from the motorcycle and where his head ended up under a moving fuel tanker. His head was crushed and he died on the spot.

The driver of the truck reportedly told investigating traffic rank that the young man was the pillion rider on the motorcycle at the time and that the other person who was with him, got up and fled the scene after the accident. Persons who rushed to the area shortly after the impact was heard, contended that they cannot confirm or deny that aspect of the driverโ€™s account.

The deceased young man was not wearing a safety helmet at the time of the crash.

When the BIG Smith Crime Watch visited the accident scene On Wednesday afternoon, a man was washing brain matters from the road way while over at the home of the young father, his mother and other relatives were trying to come to grips with the tragedy.

His mother who works at a government agency indicated that she received a call while at work about the accident involving her son. Another relative who spoke with the BIG Smith Crime Watch said that she also received a called and she immediately called the mother of the young but was told that the woman had just received news about her sonโ€™s death.

Over at the police station, the police were taking statements from the driver of the truck while the motorcycle and the truck were still in the possession of the investigating ranks.

We are at this point, unable to confirm if indeed another person was on the motorcycle with Walcott, further, the alleged other person is said to be a member of the Guyana Police Force. Those bits of information are still being checked out.

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