Singh and Walrond takes oath as MP

Ministers Dr Ashni Singh and Oneidge Walrond were sworn in as members of parliament on Wednesday morning. Both are technocrat members of the House. Minister Singh holds responsibility for Finance and was appointed on November 5th. The Minister who had previously served as Minister of Finance prior to the 2015 elections was sworn in upon his return to Guyana to take up this post.

Minister Walrond who is minister of Tourism, Industry and Commence had to be re-sworn as a member of parliament. Her appointment as minister and MP was marred in controversy after it was reported that she held dual citizenship even during her appointment as a cabinet member and MP in August this year. The Minister had taken the oath both as MP and as a cabinet member while she was in the process relinquish her United States citizenship.

Her appointment was challenged by the opposition APNU/AFC and Chief Justice Roxane George ruled that her appointment was unlawful.

The Minister has since been re-sworn as a cabinet member.