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“She cries the whole night,”- accident victim’s mom

RECOVERING IN PAIN: 29-Y-O Michelle Andries

A mother of five who was struck down by a speeding car on the Timehri Public Road on November 2 is on the road to recovery.

29-year-old Michelle Andries of Alliance Road, Timehri, was struck down on November 2, 2020, at about 21:00 hrs. She has since been discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The woman had left her home to purchase groceries when she was struck down by a white Carina 212 motor car. Police had said that the driver fled the scene without providing any assistance to the woman.

She was rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state. While there, she endured two surgeries – one for her head and the other for her spine.

Speaking with Big Smith News Watch, the woman’s mother, Natasha Williams, disclosed that her daughter is faced with excruciating pain.

“She doesn’t sleep in the night, and she cries the whole night. it is like back like a child; one time she is going to talk, the other time she would cry,” the woman recounted.

The irritated woman expressed dissatisfaction in the way the investigation into her daughter’s accident is going.

She had visited the police station when her daughter was discharged, “When I went on Monday, they said that the matter had gone to the DPP; the matter has not come back as yet, and they don’t know if they are going to charge her or the driver.”

The mother is hoping that the matter can be dealt with expeditiously.