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Sergeant Semple Succumbs

L-R Fawazz McRae and Policeman Jermaine Semple

Five days after he was admitted to the Linden Hospital Complex for a single gunshot to the back of his head, 32- Year old Police Sergeant Jermaine Semple died at the institution just under a hour a ago while still on a life support machine and critical.

The policeman who was stationed at the Tactical Services Unit was admitted to the institution after he was shot by his cousin, 27 Year Old businessman Fawazz McRae, a licensed firearm holder.

On Wednesday Fawazz McRae was charged and remanded to jail for attempt to commit murder, with this new decelopment, the charge is expected to be withdrawn and the murder charge instituted.

Semple of 106 Semple Street, Hope-town, West Coast Berbice was shot after a misunderstanding between him and his cousin.

McRae resides at Lot 1231 Central Amelia’s Ward Linden.