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Senior policemen knew of alleged sexual harassment of journalist since last year

While a number of senior officers currently holding key positions within the Guyana Police Force were informed since last year about the alleged sexual assault on a female journalist by an officer attached to the Criminal Investigation Department in his office, it is now being reported that only one of those officers took appropriate action to address the report after he first became aware of it.

It is being alleged that two Deputy Commissioners of Police, three Assistant Commissioners of Police and two Superintendents of Police were contacted about the matter but from what communicated to this publication, it was only one of the Assistant Commissioners of Police who showed an interest in the matter and sought to guide the victim in a direction of making a formal report.

This morning, BIG Smith News Watch attempted to reach out to the named officers but none of the Deputy Commissioners of Police answered the call, of the three Assistant Commissioners who took the call, two confirmed that they were contacted while one said that he cannot recall being contacted on the matter. In relation to the two Superintendents of Police, we were only able to make contact with one of the two who indicated that he was not contacted and that it was only now that he was being made aware.

The alleged sexual assault reportedly took place on November 25, 2019, but was never formally reported immediately because of other personal and family matters which the alleged victim was dealing with at the time, based on what we were told.

Last week the police entertained the report from the journalist after a junior rank got involved and directed her to the office of the Crime Chief following which, a series of actions got underway including the questioning of police personnel and the taking of statements.

BIG Smith News Watch learned that the officer at the center of the allegation was ordered to hand over his keys and vacate the office which is now being headed by a female officer. The male officer it is reported has been sent off the job on interdiction pending the outcome of the matter. Several efforts by this publication to have comments from the officer on this matter proved futile.