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Second lawyer pulls away from representing abusive businessman Dave Singh

WITHOUT A LAWYER: Businessman Dave Singh
Attorney at Law Bernard Da Silva has ceased his representation of businessman Dave Singh who was seen in a video two months ago, kicking and slapping his daughter at one of their business establishments.

The Attorney-At-Law who first represented the accused has since written to the clerk of the presiding magistrate to make known his position.

It would be the second lawyer to withdraw their representation of the businessman who after kicking and assaulting his daughter, went publicly along with his family to defend the abuse and battery of the 25 year old young woman.

Attorney At Law Bernard Da Silva

“I respectfully request that my name be removed from the record as Defense Counsel in the said matter” the letter to the magistrate’s clerk stated.

It continued… “Certain ethical and other considerations, have influenced my decision to wholly withdraw and discontinue all further involvement in this matter”.


The Attorney-at-Law said he has since communicated his position to the businessman as well as the parties representing the interests of the victim.

Recently, the victim had cause to approach the police in relation to a number of fake Facebook profiles which were created and were slandering her name and the persons close to her.

She indicated to the police that it was her view that those accounts were being created and operated by the businessman’s son…her brother.