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Sanjay Persaud gets paid following miscommunication over issued cheques

Bishnarrine Persaud also known as Sanjay Persaud, was today issued with a part payment from an agreement that initially required him to receive  Twenty Six Million Guyana Dollars from Vas Energy Inc. He is slated to receive his final payment tomorrow, Thursday.

Last weekend, Persaud was quoted on social media saying that he was defrauded of his money after the Vas Energy Inc. issued him with cheques that bounced.

Contacted today by BIg smith News Watch, Bishnarrine Persaud confirmed that he did receive a payment that he is expected to receive another sum on Thursday.

Today Vas Energy Inc. issued a statement where it said that the issue of the cheques being referred to as bounce cheques was due to a miscommunication. The company noted that it has or had no intentions to defraud Bishnarrine Persaud or any other Guyanese.

Below is a full statement from the company.



I refer to the They Break News article captioned OWNER OF SANJAY’S JEWELLERY CONNED $26 M BY CEO OF G/TOWN CEMENT COMPANY which was featured on the news agency official Facebook Page and on the TBN Guyana website on August 28, 2021. The said article misrepresents the events which transpired.

It appears that there was a grave miscommunication between VAS Energy Inc.and Bishnarrine Persaud of Sanjay Jewelry whereby the latter party attempted to changecheques which were issued by Vas Energy an earlier date than the 31st August, 2021, aswas agreed by the parties. Pursuant to the oral agreement between VAS Energy Inc. and Bishnarrine Persaud, the cheques were to be cashed at the end of August in order to facilitatefunds being wire transferred into the local bank account.

Vas Energy Inc. has/ had no intention of defrauding Bishnarrine Persaud or any other Guyanese, as erroneously peddled in the August 28 article. It was always the intention of the parties that the cheque would be enchased on the 31st of August, 2021 and it is unfortunate that Mr. Persaud did not adhere to agreed date.

As of the 31st of August, 2021, Vas Energy Inc. has issued two cheques to Mr. Persaud and the company hopes that in good faith Mr. Persaud,will acknowledge valid receipt thereof and that he would also issue such statements to mediahaving received all sums owed to him.

Yours respectfully,

Vijay Sukhdeo