Roger Khan demands justice for Fagundes

Roger Khan during his remarks at Fagundes funeral (Royston Drakes photo)

Shaheed “Roger” Khan is calling on President Irfaan Ali to give the same “priority” given to the murders of the Henry cousins to investigations into the death of Ricardo Fagundes. Fagundes who was gunned down about a week ago was cremated on Monday. Khan who served jail time in the United States for drug trafficking and was implicated in the notorious “death squad” of the early 2000s made his appeal to the Head of State and the police during his remarks at Fagundes funeral which was held at GMR&SC in Thomas Lands.

“History can tell us when there is no state security, lawlessness will prevail,” Khan told those gathered for the funeral, “the hearts of men bleed for justice, if the police do not investigate this crime and follow the evidence rather than follow the money or any kind of corrupt motive, the hearts of men will become enraged.”

He said that there must be political will to solve the crime as he called for the investigation to be handled impartially, He told those gathered that already he heard from police sources that the incident cannot be touched, “Chief we can’t go near this one hay, tell me why why we can’t go near this one,” Khan asked.

The police in a statement on Monday afternoon maintained that the investigations into Fagundes death has not been compromised, “this incident is being treated with every seriousness and alacrity spearheaded by investigators of the Force’s Major Crimes Unit,” the police statement read.

The Police said too that Khan is aware of this as he was questioned by ranks and had given a statement. “The Guyana Police Force is assuring the general public that a comprehensive investigation is being conducted into the death of Ricardo Fagundes and all leads are being followed with the aim of bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

Khan told the gathering that the “state security” failed Fagundes as he said the car in which the shooters used was parked with the shooters holding high-powered weapons while a police patrol passed “unfazed.”

He said too that the vehicle left the scene of the crime, drive for 30 minutes until one of the busiest highways without a single patrol stopping it or road black that the police usually sets up after crimes like this one.

He said that that the lack of road blocks along with the police’s lack of reaction “has a signature to it.” “Not a single raid, not a single witness, not a single arrest.”

This is the first time Khan is speaking on the record on this incident. He described Fagundes as his son who shared a house with him and his daughter.

“The night that he died, he was by my side, so this was an attack on my home, who ever did this did not kill my associate, they did not kill my friend, they came into my home and killed my son 
this was an attack on me.” 

Khan told those at the funeral that he Khan was speaking from beyond the grave as Fagundes died in his place, “the bullets were meant for me.”

The full video of Khan’s comments can be found on Royston Drakes Production on Facebook.