Religious leaders call for sports to be used to bridge the gap between police and youths

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken on Wednesday met with scores of members from the Cops and Faith Community Network at the Officer Training Center at Eve Leary. The Religious leaders called for sports to be used as a vehicle to help bridge the gap between the Police and the youths in communities across Guyana. This, according to the religious leaders, will play a significant role in making positive changes in communities and will reduce crime in the long run.

In response, Mr. Hicken said “the Force is in the process of employing a Sports Development Officer who will be responsible for the development of sports in the Guyana Police Force and by extension the communities.”

According to the religious leaders, drugs and violence in schools are now of growing concern. The leaders further noted that with the implementation of a sports programme between the Network and the GPF, a way will be paved for the creation of a mentorship programme. The programme according to the leaders will mentor boys and men who do not have a father figure in the home and will also offer counsel and guidance.

Imam Na’eem Muhammad, an Islamic Priest who is dedicated to community service and social work, recommitted himself to helping the youths of Albouystown. He said, “My hope is that the sports programme will create a great change and impact lives.” He revealed that he can bear testimony to the successes of the Impact Albouystown Project (IAP); a project according to the priest that had played a significant role in helping to reduce crime in the community of Albouystown. 

During the meeting, members of the enthusiastic faith-based group have indicated that they will ramp up their efforts in terms of visiting schools with members of the Guyana Police Force to interact with students and implement programs.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, the force recommitted their intention to not just work with, but strengthen the bonds of partnership with the faith-based organizations to help the Force create and make a positive change in the communities.

The Cops and Faith Community Network is a voluntary service that is provided by faith-based organizations throughout the Administrative Regions of Guyana. The members are from major religions in Guyana.