Region Two surpasses 300 COVID-19 cases

Over the last weekend, Region Two [Pomeroon/Supenaam] recorded its three hundredth COVID-19 case, since the start pandemic in 2020.

Based on statistics as of  April 16th, the Region had recorded 283 cases. On April 17th, however, the region had recorded an additional 17 cases, which carried the total recorded cases to 300. Confirmed cases are now 302.

Region Two is a relatively small and quiet region, which rarely hosts any social activities. The recent increase in cases over the past weekend, however, confirms reports of an increase in the spread of the COVID-19 virus, across the Pomeroon/Supenaam Region.

Regional Vice Chairman, Humace Odit, believes that the recent spike in cases, may be attributed to the recent Easter and Phagwa celebrations. When asked for a comment, the Vice Chairman said, “It is unfortunate that we had such an increase in Region Two over the weekend… This probably came about maybe because of the holidays, Easter and Phagwa holidays that cause persons to be close to each other.”

Odit further advised residence to be responsible, and practice social distancing, while properly using their masks and sanitization. “I will like to urge the people of Region Two to practice social distancing and to ensure you wear your masks properly. COVID-19 is very serious and we need your help to reduce the cases in our region.” Said the Vice Chairman.

The Guyana Police Force, on the other hand, has been making efforts to ensure persons are adhering to Guidelines, established by the National COVID-19 Task Force. The local Police Department on the Essequibo Coast, has arrested over persons, who failed to