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Region Three launches Christmas Policing Plans


Commander of Region Three, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mahendra Siwnarine launched the region’s Christmas Policing Initiative to ensure a safe and crime-free environment during the holiday season.


In his presentation, Commander Siwnarine highlighted that the region is prepared to dispatch both mobile and static police across the region, noting that there are enough ranks to ensure maximum protection during this season.


He added that strategies are being implemented to ensure the business community and shoppers can operate in a comfortable manner.


The Commander emphasised that special interest will be placed into monitoring persons entering the region, so as to ensure suspicious characters are sought out, adding that that residential areas will also see an increase in motorcycle, four-wheel and foot patrol.


Some of these areas include Belle West Canal/Conservancy, Parafaite Harmonie, Recht-Door-Zee, Onderneeming, Schoonord, Tuschen North and South including the Blacka, Zeelugt North and South – Fisher and Brother Dams, Parika Façade, Hubu, Greenwich Park, Canal # 1 and First and Last Bridge Check Points entering Parfaite Harmonie.


He assured that the public can expect an increase in police boats on steady patrols on the rivers leading to the region.


Roadblocks will also be a vital part of the region’s intelligence led operations and will be standard, posing no hindrance to businesses, as it is a safety measure to ensure effective crime fighting for the season the Commander noted.


Traffic checkpoints will be put in place on the Main Highway to reduce speeding from 06:00hrs to 18:00hrs, and 06:00hrs to 20:00hrs on certain days.

As usual, booths operated by police ranks, will be placed strategically in areas including; Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling, New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop Junction, Schoonord Public Road/New Road, Independence Street (La Grange), Nismes, Patentia, Belle West, Canal No. 1 First Bridge, Canal No. 2 Second Bridge.


Booths will also be placed in the areas of Orangestein, Farm Village, Parika Junction, Tuschen Phase 2, Tuschen Hire Car Park Area, Anna Catherina Bus Shed, Meten-Meer-Zorg, Zeelugt, Windsor Forest Main Bridge and Blankenburg (Carrefour area)


Commander Siwanarine is advising that persons carry only what is needed, this includes small sums of cash that they may using at the time, to be alert and aware of your surroundings, and to conceal valuables.


He advised that business owners invest in quality surveillance for the benefit of their businesses and incorporate the use of machines that will allow customers to use debit cards, instead of having persons walking around with large sums of cash.


The Commander further stated that Officers are encouraged to be courteous and respectful, but also firm and be able to offer assistance where needed.


The discussion between stakeholders is an important factor in the execution of these plans, and the region can expect more community outreaches, where persons will have the opportunity to share ideas to ensure a crime free Christmas season, Commander Siwnarine added.

Persons are being urged to imbibe in a responsible manner during the season to ease the possibility of accidents and incidents.


The Commander highlighted that the division is committed to ensure all persons in the region enjoy a peaceful holiday season.

The launch was held at the Police Divisional Headquarters at Leonora West Coast Demerara, and saw the attendance of the region’s Private Sector Commission, business owners, Deputy Commander, Superintendent Shellon Daniels, Traffic Officer, Assistant Superintendent Maniram Jagnanan, in addition to other ranks, both senior and junior and members of the community policing group.