Region 9 farmers get flood-relief grants

(Photo: Minister Mustapha and other officals handing over the $50,000 flood-relief to a farmer from Awarewauana in Region Nine)

Farmers of Awarewaunau, Shea and Maruranau in Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) received their flood-relief grants on Saturday.

Farmers and households that lost crops as well as kitchen gardens are to benefit from these grants. On Saturday, Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha traveled to theses villages of to distribute flood-relief grants.

According to the Department of Public Information, Region Nine is the sixth region to benefit from the grant that seeks to assist farmers with returning to the land as soon as possible.

“Today, we are here to rollout the government’s flood-relief grant to farmers who suffered losses during the rainy period. This flood was the most devastating flood in our country’s history,” Minister Mustapha told farmers.

Many of the farmers received $50,000 grant. Minister Mustapha also announced that famers will also benefit from Acoushi Ant bait, seeds, and other planting materials from the ministry free of cost.

Region Nine will see massive investment in agrciulture as Minister Mustapha disclosed that the ministry will also be constructing three agro-processing facilities in the region. This will assist farmers with making their produce more value-added.

“This year, we will be building three agro-processing facilities in Region Nine. Farmers will be able to take their crops to one of these facilities, package it and make it more value-added so that they can have better prices. We will also assist farmers with securing lucrative markets for these crops,” the Minister said.

Cassava is among the main crops produced in that region.