RE-elected GGDMA President to advocate for 24hr access to mining areas

L- R Ronaldo Alphonso, Mahendra Persaud, Geraldo Alphonso, Azeem Baksh, Andron Alphonso, Vishanti Balgobin, Hilbert Shields, Dabria Marcus and Avalon Jagnandan- Administrative Manager absent from the photo are Charles DaSilva,  and Terrence Adams.)

Andron Alphonso was elected, unopposed, for a second consecutive term as president of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) said on Friday afternoon.

GGDMA elections were held on the 8th of December 2021 at the Everest Cricket Club.

The new management team also includes Hilbert Shields – Vice President, Azeem Baksh – Secretary, Mahendra Persaud – Treasurer, and Ronaldo Alphonso – Organizing Secretary. Committee members are Vishanti Balgobin, Geraldo Alphonso, Charles DaSilva, Dabria Marcus, and Terrence Adams- immediate past president.

Alphonso promised to continue to advocate for the mining industry “to ensure its survival,” when he addressed the meeting. He has promised to push for improving existing infrastructure such as roads and bridges, 24-hour access in and out of mining areas, development of new roads and bridges to provide access in areas where there is great prospect for miners, and also continue lobbying efforts to eradicate the scourge of illegal mining, the Association said.

Alphonso wants miners to evolve as the industry develops as he said that miners must endeavor to mine safer and more efficiently while minimizing impacts.

Alphonso said for the next two years, the executive “will research new technologies that would enhance recovery and simultaneously reduce the impact on the environment.”

He explained that this will involve conducting research and development testing where applicable in countries in which those technologies are currently used, while the GGDMA would continue to import and test other technologies.

The GGDMA will be looking for technologies that allow miners to increase recovery and production while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. Additionally, miners must continue to put focus on occupational safety and health along with recovery and production rates.