Rape suspect found dead in lockups hours after his arrest

FOUND DEAD: Rape suspect Courtney Persaudย 

Courtney Persaud 37 years old who has been on the run from the law after rape reports were made against him was found dead this morning in the Whim Police Station Lockups at Corentyne Berbice.

Persaud was arrested on Saturday when the police visited his hideout location. The man had previously lived at a location on the East Bank Demerara but ran from that address after rape reports were against him.

He then settled in Berbice with a woman whose daughter he reportedly raped. That child is now said to be pregnant with his child.ย  The Child Care and Protection Agency is also involved in the matter.

Region 6 Commander Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus confirmed to BIG Smith Crime Watch that indeed there was a death at one of the stations lockups in his region and that the matter is under investigation. He said that there were also other prisoners in the cell so tey are expected to be questioned also.

The Commander noted that the suspect used his shirt and tied it around the iron bar of the lockups cell which he reportedly used to take his own life.

He was was slated to be escorted to Georgetown, specifically to Region 4B where the reports of rape were made against him.

Persaud has been sexually molesting a close family member since she was the age of seven and that continued for ten years until he impregnated her and fled their home.

Social Media personality Melissa Atwell had brought light to the matter after she made severalย  posts on her social media page.