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Ramson presents gear for training/ capacity building in Region 6

Ramson presents gears for training/ capacity building in Region 6

Sport Minister Charles Ramson presents essential gears to a Berbice youth club on Sunday

Several Region Six sports clubs were presented with gear aimed at enhancing their training skills and build capacity within their respective youth groups. The presentations were made by Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Charles Ramson who was at the time making good on promises he made to the groups back in October.

It was also during the visit to the region on Sunday that Minister Ramson called on some sports clubs to address their shortcomings and administrative issues so that his ministry can provide the required and targeted assistance. Ramson visited in excess of eight sporting facilities in Canje and upper and lower Corentyne Berbice.

While on his visit, the Culture Minister explained that works are expected to commence soon to transform the building at the Indian Monument at  Palmyra into a mini “cultural center”. This would enable groups to host activities at the location. Since its commissioning a few years ago, the building remain unoccupied.

Ramson and others inspects a ground in Corentyne Berbice

The Region Six Administration will be working along with the Ministry to ensure that added attraction and spurcing up is done to the general environs to make it more family-oriented. The Minister promises this facility will be opened to all groups whether religion or ethnicity.

Ramson has been visiting communities across the country as the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport seeks to targetly distribute funds to grounds and facilities in need as part of the ministry’s Ground Enhancement Program.

Already monies have been pledged to several grounds in Essequibo for their enhancement works. The funds are distributed to the regional bodies with clear guidelines of how and where these ought to be spent.

The Ministry is also gearing up to take its initiative to Linden before the year is out. The Guyana Defence Force is also working along with the Ministry to ensure the projects are properly rolled out as they will be providing manpower, technical and skills support to the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport.