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Ramson fulfills promise to Buxton, spends $2 million on community ground

This composite photo shows the before and after state of the Buxton Community Ground

In December of 2020, Sport Minister Charles Ramson paid a visit to the Community Ground in Buxton where residents, mostly footballers  expressed concerns that they were unable to use the ground to play games.

Yesterday Ramson and his team returned to the community having spent the last month sand filling, repairing bleachers, toilet facilities and stands on the ground.

Ramson fulfills promise to Buxton, spends $2 million on community ground
Sport Minister Ramson and President of the Guyana Football Federation Wayne Forde tour the ground on Sunday before a game

In his remarks, Ramson reminded that every community grounds are targeted for upgrades.

“Every village has a ground, and every village has needs for its ground to be enhanced. We will continue to help all the villages across the country. Some grounds have to be earmarked for a different type of development,” Ramson said.

This prompted the President of the grounds committee, Robin Phillips to hail the Minister as a “man of his words.”

“He made a promise to us here in Buxton to upgrade this facility…You have come up to the task that you set out in Buxton, and I know that the community at large is very happy for what has been done on this playfield,” Phillips said.

While addressing several persons on his recent visit, the minister said he was shocked at the state of the ground when he visited last year.

“The fence was falling apart, and on top of that, I saw some of the electrical wires were on the ground. So, it meant that kids could have become electrocuted.” Minister Ramson noted.

Over the last few months, Ramson has been Conducting outreaches to several communities where assessments were made and things placed in the pipe to push ahead with the projects.