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Ramjattan condemns Laing Avenue incident, assures 100% security for election

The canter with PPP supporters being prevented from driving through Laing Avenue on Saturday 

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Sunday morning said that he condemns the incident that took place at Laing Avenue on Saturday where supporters of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic were blocked and chased out of the community while erecting party paraphernalia.

“Look, look, I want to condemn that immediately, this is a free country and we are building a democracy here in Guyana and everybody in this country is entitled to put up their flags and posters on lantern posts and to go out there and express their political opinions” Ramjattan stated.

He was at the time speaking during an invited comment by BIG Smith News Watch under the Baridi Benab at State house (official Resident of the President) where a media brunch was being held.

Asked if the police force is ready and capable to deal with the eventualities, if any this elections period, the minister responded with the following; “It is prepared and I believe there is going to be a hundred percent security all across the country and that can also be assured if the people like the people in Laing Avenue and other places do not provoke others into any incident, I believe it is going to be a trouble free elections”

A police source indicated that injuries were inflicted on PPP Party Supporters as they entered the community with a canter truck and car to erect party flags and encourage the community to come out and support the PPP’s election campaign launch today Sunday and at the Polls on March 02, 2020.

Ramjattan said that the development was a dangerous one and he has since asked the Guyana Police Force to ensure that all citizens are allowed to express their democratic political freedom without fear and harm being brought to them.

“We should not have others shutting them out, that is totally wrong and I have asked the police to ensure that the freedom of expression and the choice of political opponents or supports not be interfered with by those who disagree with their views” Ramjattan, the possible PM candidate for the APNU’s Coalition sated.

He further stated that the event in Laing Avenue could have a ripple effect across the country that can spell disaster for a peaceful elections season, especially of PPP Supporters began chasing coalition supporters out of strong holds of the PPP when they turn up.

“From the reports that I saw, it got to be, it has to be, it must be condemned and we have to take that approach and I want our supporters and the PPP supporters to respect each other, that is the sure way of building a democracy, we must not shut people out from any areas and that can be replicated in other areas, sometimes we now go to a PPP strong hold and we could be shut out so no, we must never shut out anyone” the security minister stated.