PUBLIC ADVISORY: Ministry of Housing and Water cautions against the use of fire for the clearing of land waste

The Ministry of Housing and Water, in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources, is issuing a crucial advisory to all contractors and private developers regarding the cessation of fires at project sites for construction purposes. In light of recent bushfires and environmental concerns, immediate action is required to prevent further damage to the country’s ecosystems.


Contractors and private developers are hereby instructed to cease the practice of setting fires to clear construction waste at project sites. Additionally, given the alarming increase in bushfires, the use of fires for land clearance purposes at sites earmarked for infrastructure development is strictly prohibited.


It has been observed that such burning practices are exacerbating the occurrence of wildfires across various regions of the country. This reckless behavior poses a significant threat to both human lives and the environment, necessitating urgent intervention to mitigate the risks.


In lieu of burning, contractors are urged to adhere to the Agency’s Waste Management Plan (WMP) for the proper disposal of construction waste. Private developers and allottees are encouraged to explore alternative methods, such as mechanized de-bushing, for clearing their designated lots.


It is imperative that all contractors and allottees comply with this directive to avoid severe penalties as stipulated in the Project Contract and Agreement of Sale, respectively. Any breaches of this advisory will be met with swift and appropriate disciplinary action.


The Ministry of Housing and Water emphasizes the importance of responsible environmental stewardship and urges all stakeholders to prioritize sustainable practices in their construction and development activities. By working together to protect our natural resources, we can ensure a safer and healthier environment for present and future generations.