Protestors picket PNC’s HQ calling for the party congress to be held

A small group of protestors gathered outside of People’s National Congress’s Sophia Headquarters calling for the Party’s congress to be held.

The PNC-R is the largest party to make up the coalition, A Partnership for National Unity.

“Give somebody else a chance, we suffering, we feeling it,” one protestor is heard saying in a video seen by this publication.

The protestors who all hid their faces behind placards seem to be calling on the party to hold its party congress, “Joe and David stop denying democracy” one placard read while another read “Mr Granger, your knee is on our neck, time for congress.”

Another placard read “Your time has passed stop dividing the party, retire peacefully,” and “Mr Granger, you’re fighting to delay congress but couldn’t fight fraudulent votes.”

Since 2020 there was talk about the party holding its congress. Sources said the delay could be due to public health measures in place for the COVID-19 pandemic which restricts the large gathering of persons. The party’s congress is usually held at its Sophia’s headquarters.

Former President David Granger is the leader of the PNC-R, Former Minister of Health Volda Lawrence is the Chairman of the Party and Former Social Protection Minister Amna Ally is General Secretary of the Party.