Proposed election amendments sent to opposition parties

Widespread consultation on the proposed amendments to the Representation of the People’s Act (ROPA) is expected to include political opposition. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Hon. Gail Texeira, M.P explained that the consultation process to the government’s Department of Public Information that the consultation has already begun.

Texeira has confirmed that the government has reached out to the Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon as well as members of the main political party, A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change.
“I’ve sent to Mr. Granger, I’ve sent to Mr. Harmon, I’ve sent to Mrs. Lawrence…I have sent to the AFC as a distinct [party]. I’ve tried to ensure that no one would say from that grouping that they weren’t met. I wanted to recognise each in their own right,”Minister Teixeira told DPI on Wednesday.
She said the Guyana Elections Commission is expected to also make recommendations. These consultations are expected to reach a vast section of society, including members of the diaspora, the Minister said.

“We want people to look at those and see what they feel and ask themselves ‘Are the recommendations sufficient? Are there areas in terms of the process of elections from registration through to proclamation? …have we covered all the corners in terms of what may be ambiguities or opportunities for people to do things that would harm or undermine the rights of the Guyanese people to vote and elect the representatives of their choice?’ So, we are trying to prevent what happened in 2020 [from] happening again.”

These consultations are expected to last for three weeks.