Prison Service working to improve the living conditions of inmates; Superintendent Gyandat leading from the front.

As the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) continues to work tirelessly to better the living conditions and rehabilitation programs for inmates, Senior Superintendent (ag) Deoraj Gyandat is being hailed for his hard work, dedication and commitment towards pushing forward this agenda.

Senior Superintendent (ag) Deoraj Gyandat, who entered the Prison service at just the mere age of 18, made his way through the ranks by first entering the Standard Officer Course of the Guyana Defense Force. Thereafter, he was able to gain the rank of Cadet Officer, where he spent most of his time before being promoted to the Assistant Superintendent position.

Gyandat noted that initially, he never saw himself being a member of the GPS, and more thought that he would continue in the footsteps of his father in the construction industry. “I heard that there was a vacancy at the prison…at that point I wanted to go into construction seeing that my father is a contractor,” Gyandat explained.

The 31-year-old explained that he just decided to just give it a try. This is where he realized that this is where his purpose was grounded. “I realized that it fits in what I really wanted to do all along as a human being – to be there for people, giving guidance [and] hope,” he said.

Gyandat explains that the journey has not been much of an easy one, as he explains that the job takes much commitment and dedication to continue to be at the top of his rank. “It took a lot of commitment, dedication and love for the job. You can imagine how hard it is to manage being a senior officer…and having a family and managing family relations,” Gyandat said, noting that he has become accustomed to the constant moving between posts at the various prisons in the country.

In his interview with this publication, Gyandat noted that like any other institution, the GPS has its challenges. These challenges range from infrastructural problems to the riots and escape of inmates. Gyandat noted that the rehabilitation of the prison infrastructure will allow for inmates to be appropriately housed. Research has proven that better housing conditions can lead to a massive decrease in the number of riots at prisons.

The Senior Superintendent highlighted that once this rehabilitation is completed, the prison can further tread along its path of consistent training and education for inmates to ensure they can be reintegrated into society. “In addition to [the regular housing facilities], facilities will be [available] for training to be done, which is our most important goal,” Gyandat noted.

From a personal perspective, Gyandat said major challenges that can be faced as a senior officer of the GPS to ensure that one stays “on the right path”.  “As a professional…it has always been a challenge to make sure you are on the right path because there is so much [negative] influence,” he highlighted. In spite of this however, Gyandat explained that it is possible for one to overcome.

The senior officer, who hails from Bee Hive on the East Coast Demerara, took the opportunity to encourage young persons to join the Prison Service and give their resources to the betterment and development of persons who are also deserving of a second chance. “The Prison Service is a very dynamic organization that presents great opportunities…I would encourage any young person to join the prison service, male or female” he said.

Gyandatt added, however, that one must first be willing to be dedicated to the job and only do it for the right reasons. If not, persons can be lead astray. “One must understand that it is an environment that can cause you to go along the wrong path and if you are not strong enough, you can easily be [lured]…to indulge in illegal activities that can be detrimental in the long run, “ he explained.

To join the Guyana Prison Service, contact the Guyana Prison Service Headquarters at 225-6003.