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Pres. Ali’s visits to nontraditional base caught me by surprise- James Bond

President Irfaan Ali is playing on the job

I think he surprised a lot of people, he surprised a lot of people, I am surprised, I never expected; especially the touching of the non-traditional bases and as a politician that is critical, touching a non-traditional base, for example, PNC manning an Indian area, you know that is a nontraditional area and he [President Irfaan Ali] was able to reach out to a nontraditional area, that is commendable as a President, it shows that he wants to govern Guyana and not just govern for his supporters, that is a good indication” Attorney-At-Law and Former Member of the Peoples National Congress Reform James Bond responded when he was asked to share his view of President Irfaan Ali.

Bond was at the time speaking during a pre-recorded interview of FOCUS which will be aired this evening at 19:00hrs on the BIG Smith News Watch’s YouTube Channel.

The FULL INTERVIEW will be aired at 19:00hrs this evening. 

During the interview, James Bond explained that while it may have flown over the heads of many persons including and especially those locally, President Irfaan Ali is now actually a world leader.

Important to note is that Guyana despite its vast oil reserves and other wealth, has not aligned itself with any group consisting of oil-producing nations. Notwithstanding, Guyana continues to get the attention of the major players in the industry and even those in other sectors.

“Another credit is that you cannot ignore his leadership in the global Sphere. I mean people might have missed this, but the President of Guyana is a World Leader, his ideas on agriculture, his ideas on the extractive industries, youth, and tourism, those ideas are on the world stage and the work is paying attention to it. Even though I am PNC, I could say a good job, I could say well done because whatever makes Guyana looks good, we look good” James Bond told BIG Smith News Watch.

The Attorney-At-Law was asked what he feels could be the defining legacy of Irfaan Ali’s Presidency. For him, while there are several things that may be able to define the Presidency of Irfaan Ali, it is the alleviation of poverty that will make him the greatest President Guyana has ever seen.

“If the president could do just one thing, alleviate poverty. Let me tell Guyanese something it could be done in a lot of ways Guyana has a lot of poor people, Guyana has too many poor people and we can do that in two ways, raising the salary of public employees, and two access to capital, capital must be accessible to every single Guyanese easily without the red tapes let them use their ideas and potential to grow and to develop themselves” is how James Bond believe the poverty situation in Guyana can be addressed but less focus on the Top One Percent and more focus on the ordinary people.

He further stated; “We are built on trickledown economics where we give to the rich and that somehow, they are going to have this touch of consciousness and start to distribute the wealth to the bottom. So, the persons at the bottom must wait, why make them wait, you are not making the top one percent wait they are getting everything. All their tax breaks all their fancy vehicles all their allowances they are getting everything they must get right away why you are making the people who need it more wait that is why I saying governments don’t care about poor people.” Bond passionately claimed.