Preparations underway for Moruca Expo after three-year hiatus

After three years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions, the Barima-Waini Regional Democratic Council (RDC) will be resuscitating the annual Moruca Expo. The date for this year’s event is not yet agreed on but it the event can run for three days as opposed to the traditional one day.

The Assistant Regional Executive Officer (AREO) of Moruca Sub-region Mr. Richard Cornelius in a telephone interview with the Big Smith News Watch revealed that consultations are ongoing with all stakeholders whom he hopes will support the event.

“For this year we are hoping to have Moruca expo for three days. On the first day we would focus on tourism, which would encompass, dances and tours of our villages and heritage sites. On the second day we would have games for the entire day. On the third day the pageant, with live performances from local artists, visiting artists and other talents,” he noted.

Mr. Cornelius said consultations will soon conclude paving the way for an official announcement.

Moruca Expo serves many purposes which include providing revenue to residents including established business owners and pop-up vendors. “The idea of keeping the event this year is a welcoming idea by most villagers I spoke to. It is in the best interest of all that we are working to bring the event to you” the AREO said.

Moruca expo which is the largest social event in the sub-region and is usually held every 15 of July in the Santa Rosa Village. The event was last hosted in 2018.