Pregnant Women receive Pfizer Vaccine

Pregnant Women receive Pfizer Vaccine

-Vaccines are undeniably safe, Health Minister says

As new evidence arises about the inoculation of antenatal women, the Ministry of Health has rolled out an initiative that seeks to have more pregnant women vaccinated against COVID-19.

In his brief address to a number of pregnant women at the Maternity Ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital on Thursday morning, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony assured the mothers that prevailing evidence shows that the vaccine is safe.

“These vaccines have been around now for almost a year and many pregnant women have used these vaccines and there have been no [serious] side effects to date using these vaccines in pregnant women,” Dr. Anthony said, “Many of the international bodies… have pronounced on these vaccines being safe and effective to be used in this population of pregnant women and breastfeeding women,” the Minister reiterated.

The Minister of Health went on to say that there is even a benefit for breastfeeding women who are inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine. “The additional benefit of getting the vaccine is that when you breastfeed, the antibodies passes through the milk and will go to the child that is breastfeeding…when that happens that child will develop some form of immunity against the COVID-19 virus,” Anthony explained.

Maternity ward patients who were present at the simple ceremony were given the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns about receiving the vaccine while being present — all of which were answered accordingly.