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PPP using Hillary Clinton’s ‘Stronger Together’ campaign slogan 

The PPP’s Election Campaign Launch flyer features the Party’s General Secretary and Presidential Candidate along with the ‘Stronger Together’ solgan

The “Stronger Together” slogan currently being used by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) for it’s 2020 General and Regional Elections Campaign was the slogan used by United States (US) Presidential Candidate, Hilary Clinton in her 2016 campaign.

The PPP began using the slogan more than a year ago on most of its posters, and has now officially made it the tagline for its election campaign.

The “Stronger Together” is sometimes followed by “for a better Guyana” on some of the posters.

The APNU+AFC flyer which also carried the Slogan ‘Stronger Together’

Outside of that, the phrase has made it’s way onto some of the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) coalition political materials when pushing it’s notion that the sum of the six parties is greater than a single one.  As recent as October 25, 2019, a flyer bearing the slogan was used by the coalition.

Last year, PPP General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo confirmed that his party hired a Washington-based public relations firm for $34M to advance its political position in Washington DC and provide consultation.

It is unclear whether that firm – which comprises both Republicans and Democrats – had a role to play in suggesting the use of the slogan by the PPP.

“Stronger Together” was introduced and settled on by the Clinton campaign for the 2016 US Presidential elections after the campaign team toyed with several other failed slogans.

Clinton’s campaign Press Secretary Brian Fallon had shared in an interview that “Stronger Together” is a shorter, 21st century version of the idea behind Clinton’s 1996 book: It Takes A Village.

The US candidate had also used “Stronger Together: A Blueprint for America’s Future” as the title for her book which outlined her vision for the US had she won the election.

At least three times during the 2015 campaign, the PPP was accused of intellectual property theft.

During the lead up to the elections that year, youth activist Francis Michael Bailey accused the party of using video footage from a time-lapse video he posted to his YouTube Channel in 2013. The video was allegedly used in the PPP’s “I Believe” campaign advertisement.

On the second occasion, the party was accused of staging an almost identical sit-down campaign ad with its then Presidential hopeful, Donald Ramotar. It was revealed that contents from Ramotar’s speech in the ad, were extracted from a similar speech made by former US President Barack Obama when he was running for office.

Subsequently, the APNU+AFC coalition accused the PPP of “shamelessly” copying its then campaign slogan, ‘It is Time,’ in a campaign song.

The song, which was used by the PPP in it’s 2015 elections campaign, contained the lyrics: “It is time to rally for we party and country/It is time to vote for the PPP/C.”