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Goed Fortuin works ahead of schedule by one month

Pouderoyen works ahead of schedule by one month

What a walkway looked like back in April compared to what obtains now in Goed Fortuin

The Ministry of Housing and Water returned to the community of Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara on Tuesday afternoon to check on works for which contracts were signed in March of this year.

The scope of works entailed the construction of several meters of reinforced concrete drains and footpaths after residents complained that the tracks throughout the community were impassable when it rains and poses an even dire situation for school children and the elderly.

Susan Rodrigues, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water led a team from her Secretariate along with will be better for e to focus on actual news.

Based on observations Tuesday afternoon, the contractor was applying the finishing touches to the aspects of the footpaths and drains which were part of the scope of works in contracts that were handed over to them back in March by the minister.

The project commenced on April 6 after contracts were handed over on March 30. According to the contract documents, the work carried a price stage of close to eight million dollars.

Goed Fortuin works ahead of schedule by one month
Minister Rodrigues walks along a newly built footpath in Goed Fortuin

On Tuesday Minister Rodrigues during her visit, told the community that she was pleased with the performance of the contractor and the ability to have the works completed ahead of schedule and with quality.

She explained that such performances on the job leave a good impression about the contractor and firm to meet deadlines, which is something that government will take note of as it continues with its developmental agenda that has a scope of works with varying deadlines

Back in April, the community also saw a commitment for treated water to be flowing through their taps from the treatment plant at Pouderoyen. This was after residents had complained about the iron they were receiving through the taps. The water situation was fixed several weeks ago.

Prior to April, the community had received a visit from the Ministry of Housing’s team which promised to conduct an assessment to see if the treatment plant a few villages away would have been able to serve the community adequately, that feasible study came back positive and the systems were put in place. The community is now enjoying the potable water