‘Pastry man’ died from gunshot injuries – Post Mortem

A postmortem examination conducted on the body of thirty-nine-year-old Shawn Albert, on Thursday, revealed that he died as a result of ‘gunshot injuries to the chest.’  Albert, who is better known as Dexter, was reportedly shot during an armed robbery on the Essequibo Coast, last Sunday night.

In an initial statement, the police said that there were no marks of violence on the man. But following the post mortem, the police said it was a wound caused by a gun shot that killed the man. The bullet went through Albert’s armpit and wasn’t easy to detect, the police said the PM done pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, found.

 “At the time when he was pronounced dead, the medical personnel at the hospital did not provide such information to the police,” the police had pointed out.  Albert operated from a bakery in Georgetown and was plying his trade in the Onderneeming Sandpit, at the time of his demise.

Reports are that two armed men, both of whom were masked, approached the ‘bread van,’ and demanded that the salesman hand over the cash. Three shots were reportedly fired. Dexter then attempted to flee the scene, but collided with a nearby fence. According to police, the bandits made of with $60,000 to $70,000 and three 9mm spent shells were recovered from the scene.

Albert was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.