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Port Kaituma Police Investigate Gruesome Discovery of Headless Body


Port Kaituma Police Station in Region One is investigating a harrowing incident after discovering the partially nude, headless body of a woman on June 7, 2024.


The body, believed to be that of Paulette Edwards, was found at approximately 16:30 hours, in an advanced stage of decomposition, about 60 meters into a swampy area surrounded by trees and shrubs.


Edwards, last seen on June 4, 2024, was found clad in a black top pulled up to her chest, exposing her bra, while her lower body was fully exposed.


Authorities estimate that the body had been at the location for about four days.


On June 8, 2024, at 10:00 hours, police conducting a subsequent search located a head believed to belong to the decomposed body discovered earlier.


Efforts are now underway to contact a male acquaintance of the deceased to assist in the investigation.


The Port Kaituma Police are working diligently to gather all relevant information and evidence to provide closure to Edwards’ grieving family.


The police urge anyone with information related to this incident to come forward to assist in the investigation, emphasizing that community cooperation is crucial for a swift resolution of this tragic event.


The department assures the public that every effort is being made to establish the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident and hold those responsible accountable.


A post-mortem examination is scheduled for Monday, June 10, 2024.