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Pork Knocker killed as rains and winds bring down trees

Woman takes her life after checking into short-time hotel

TWENTY Five Year old โ€˜Naveshโ€™ was killed on Saturday by a falling tree in the Obanna Backdam, Kuribrong, fourteen days after he travelled to the area seeking employment.

Information reaching BIG Smith News Watch suggests that young man of Port Kaituma, North West District was working a dredge along with two others when the incident took place.

On December 15, he joined two other men who were jointly working in the area with a three inch water pump and four inch engine.

At approximately 11:00 hrs on Saturday while they were working, the rains came, accompanied by heavy winds; shortly after, one of the men heard a cracking sound and observed that trees were beginning to falling.

An alarm was raised for everyone to run but โ€˜Naveshโ€™ according to what was reported, stood and began looking up at the falling trees, at that point the branch from one of the falling trees struck him to the head as he was about to run.

He was picked up and rushed to the Obanna Landing but on arrival there, the young man appeared to be lifeless. He was nevertheless taken to the Powese Landing.

Yesterday Sunday, a party of policemen arrived at the Powese Landing where the body of the 25 year old was examined and a large wound was seen to the back of the head. The body, according to police sources bore no other marks of violence.

The police then subsequently escorted same to Mahdia Hospital where it will remain until a postmortem examination is conducted.