Policeman charged and remanded over abuse of reputed wife

Police constable batters reputed wife then goes into hiding

Policeman Seresttee Brittlebank has been remanded to jail until July 27th after he appeared before Magistrate Fabian Azore at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court charged with unlawful wounding.

Brittlebank pleaded not guilty to the charge.

This publication had reported that Brittlebank physically assaulted his reputed wife Lavinia Williams last week.

The man eventually turned himself into the police last week also.

Last week, before he turned himself into the police, Brittlebank and his family appealed to the woman to drop the charged, however, Williams told this publication that she had no intention of dropping the matter against her abuser.

Last week Thursday, Brittlebank battered Williams after they left a party where she had confronted a colleague of his about reportedly encouraging and facilitating Brittlebank with his acts of infidelity.

“He put me in the car and while we were coming down the dam, he started beating me in the car, he stopped the car and started beating me and I got blackout… I recall waking up back and just instinctively feeling for something in the car to defend myself because he was still beating me and my hand land on a hammer and hit him on his head and from there it started worst” Williams recalled.