Police ups vigilance for festive season

A 14% decrease in serious crimes was recorded between January 1, 2019 to October this year in Division Four “C”, East Coast Demerara. While robbery under arms have seen a 17% increase, robberies and robbery with violence have seen a 25% and 23% decrease respectively. Additionally, while robbery with aggravation saw a 100% increase, larceny from the person recorded a 28% decrease, burglary, a 29% decrease and break and enter larceny, a 21% decrease. The Police in that division are working to ensure that there is an incident free Christmas season, “opportunistic crimes are likely to increase,” Senior Superintendent of Police and Regional Commander Khali Pareshram tells us. With that in mind, officers are working to minimize the activities of criminal elements.

During the season, shoppers should feel at ease with an increase in mobile, foot, bicycle and fixed-point patrols. The Force is also promising an increase in road- blocks and targeting of hot spots with heightened special operations. As is the norm around this period, post offices, commercial banks, markets and commercial areas would see special attention by the Force. There will also be heightened vigilance by officers around night spots, post offices, commercial banks, markets, and all commercial areas.

Here are some safety tips for the season:

  • Carry your wallet in an inside jacket pocket or side trouser pocket, avoid rear pockets. Keep purses on your lap, not dangling over the back of a chair
  • Beware of con artists and pick pockets. A couple of scams to be aware of include the Three Card games that are rigged; and persons pointing to money that you have supposedly dropped, who then take your briefcase and luggage when you bend down to pick up the money
  • Do not carry a bag that makes you a target, these include a bag that dangles from the shoulder that can be easily yanked off your shoulder; so carry your bag close to your body well tucked in.
  • Avoid shortcuts that are not frequent or well lit.
  • When walking to your car or on your way home, keep your keys in your hand until you are safely home for added protection. If someone drops you off at home, let the driver confirm you are safe.
  • If you are trailed, drive to the nearest police station for your safety. Call someone at home to alert them prior to your arrival and ensure that there are adequate lighting facilities around your home.