Police treats drug convict’s convoy better than the presidential convoy

(Two of the police vehicles which facilitated Roger Khan’s escort from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport last night)

Less than 24hrs after the Guyana Police Force failed to prove that it can properly allow the president of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana access to venues and streets uninterrupted, the same organisation employed several rigged security measures, features and manoeuvre to facilitate the free and uninterrupted passage of convicted drug lord, Shaheed Roger Khan from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport to Georgetown.

Members of the press being barred from heading to Georgetown last evening by virtue of a police roadblock at providence

Convicted Guyanese Drug King Pin Shaheed Roger Khan who spent the last fifteen years in a United States jail for smuggling cocaine into that country was on Friday evening deported to Guyana following the completion of his jail term.

Khan arrived on an American Airlines Flight which landed earlier than schedule and was quickly handed over to local law enforcement agents attached to the Special Branch, Criminal Investigation Department and Major Crimes Units of the force.

Once that was done, Khan was bundled into a heavily tinted police vehicle which was waiting for him on the airport tarmac. After securing the ‘package’ they left the environs of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport with a total of three vehicles filled with policemen.

Once at the Timehri Police Station, the convoy was joined by a marked police vehicle which lead them along the way while other police vehicles joined from behind and was used to keep civilian vehicles at bay with several dangerous manoeuvre along the East Bank Demerara corridor.

The backed up traffic that at grove Public Road which had to wait until Roger Khan’s convoy passed

At the Grove Public Road, the police who had set up a roadblock at approximately 20:00hrs held the traffic back for roughly twenty minutes to allow for Khan’s procession to make its way down to Eve Leary.

A truck which was travelling in the opposite direction, was ordered by the police to stop in the middle of the road so as to prevent roughly thirteen vehicles filled with media operatives who were prevent from passing although identifying themselves and providing their media passes. The use of the truck to block the road also affected person who were heading to the airport and home (not in the direction that khan’s lavish police escort was traveling).

Once clearance was given for passage from that area, the situation at Providence was identical and again, commuters including media operatives were not allowed a free pass and in this instant, the traffic was prevented from going forward for about twenty minutes.

A line of vehicles which were unable to move after the police ordered a sand truck to stay put in order to block the flow of traffic as Roger Khan gets his free pass

It took a call to the Commissioner of Police before the police at Providence decided to let the traffic flow freely.

At Eve Leary, the Guyana Police Force blocked off several streets and entrances which provided access to the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters and the entrances and exits were manned by police ranks in addition to the placement of traffic cones.

The preparation and posture put in place by the Guyana Police Force to ensure the free passage of Shaheed Roger Khan’s convoy from the Airport to Eve Leary, is not the same kind of preparation and posture the force used on Thursday to ensure the free passage of the President’s convoy which had to detour after pulling up at a venue for an event and which ultimately saw the president being ushered into the facility through a back entrance.

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