Police should investigate claims against Guyoil – AFC

The Alliance for Change wants the entire Guyoil Board and top brass gone over the recent oil procurement scandal. On Friday, the Party said there have been noticeable breaches of the company’s procurement policy, ” We believe that the entire board should be disbanded as there is evidence to breach the company’s procurement policy and other members of the board were aware of this,” AFC Juretha Fernandes said.

Additionally, the party called for charges to be brought against key persons named in the scandal, “The AFC demands a full and unfettered investigation by the Guyana Police Force into these reports and that criminal charges be brought against those involved.”

The issue has its genesis in claims made by one Jayson Aaron of Aaron Royalty Inc who alleged that company officials and a board member were in contact with him and his company to procure fuel. The man had since released a number of recordings allegedly implicating several of these officials.

On Wednesday, President Irfaan Ali said that Board Member Akanni Blair and Company Secretary Shawn Persaud would be removed for what he described as “inappropriate contact” with Aaron.

Additionally the President maintained that “no fraud was committed” since no transaction was done.

AFC member Cathy Hughes when asked about the President’s statement said that the government reaction leaves much to be desired. She said the government through the police have been targeting former officials of government under the APNU/AFC administration as he pointed to a number of persons being called to the police or being charged, “In this specific situation, to have such blatant evidence of an attempt to defraud a state entity to the extent that this situation has shown us and to have a response that seems to be a tap on the hand, is just unacceptable,” the AFC Member said.

The Audit of Guyana is said to be investigating this matter.