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Police Seize Unlicensed Shotgun in New Amsterdam Operation


Police discovered an unlicensed twelve-gauge shotgun during an intelligence-led joint operation in Islington, New Amsterdam, yesterday afternoon.


According to a statement issued by the Police, around 3:00 PM, law enforcement officers acting on a tip stopped a motor vehicle, registered as PAB 3302, on the public road in Islington.


However, the vehicle quickly sped off towards the Islington seawall, where it came to a halt. A 33-year-old construction worker from the Overwinning Housing Scheme in New Amsterdam exited the vehicle and fled on foot, carrying an object wrapped in transparent plastic.


Officers pursued the suspect, who threw the object over the seawall before surrendering to the police.


Due to high tide, police remained at the seawall with the suspect, monitoring the area where the object was discarded. At approximately 9:00 PM, officers searched the area and recovered the item, which was confirmed to be a twelve-gauge shotgun wrapped in plastic.


When questioned, the suspect did not provide a firearm license and remained silent. He was subsequently informed of his offense, cautioned, and arrested.


The driver of the vehicle, a 30-year-old businesswoman also from the Overwinning Housing Scheme, was arrested and taken to Central Police Station along with the vehicle, PAB 3302.


Investigations into the incident are ongoing.