Police seeking other “person of interest” for Fagundes murder

The Police are looking for another person in connection with the murder of Ricardo Fagundes known as Paper Shorts.

Fagundes was gunned down on Main Street in March. So far, the police arrested one person in relation to its investigations. Rondel Bacchus known as “Killa” was arrested and released after being questioned about Fagundes’s death.

The police are tight lipped about this other person of interest.

Based on CCTV footage taken from a business place, two men were seen firing shots at Fagundes as the man approached a vehicle parked on Main St. Fagundes was shot about 20 times, a post mortem report revealed. The two men escaped in a parked vehicle which is suspected to be driven by a 3rd person.

Fagundes’s¬†associate, convicted drug trafficker Shaheed “Roger” Khan believes the execution type killing was meant for him.

At Fagundes’s funeral, Khan accused the police of deliberate foot dragging on the investigation. Khan said that police sources told him that the incident cannot be touched, Chief we can’t go near this one hay, tell me why, why we can’t go near this one,” Khan asked at the funeral.