Police say will investigate non-payment of informant in Henry boys’ murder, breach of confidentiality

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Saturday night said it will be investigating claims by the informant in the Henry boys’ murders that he remains unpaid and there was a breach of confidentiality putting his life at risk.

In a statement responding to a story published by Big Smith News Watch, the GPF expressed concerns over the accusations but did not deny that such occurred.

The Force noted that it “seeks to bring into question the professionalism and honesty of the Force in relation to dealing with an informant who had given information that led to persons being arrested and charged during a criminal investigation and will be investigating these claims.”

It sought to assure the public that all information/tips communicated to the police by informants are treated with the requisite and utmost confidentiality, anonymity and professionalism to ensure the non-disclosure of the identity of such persons.

In addition, the police said in instances where monetary rewards are offered for such information, the announced sums are duly processed and paid to the informant as early as practicable.

In the report published by this publication on Friday evening, the man detailed the steps which led to the arrest and subsequent charging of the three suspects, but without his promised compensation to provide for his family.

Teen boys Joel and Isaiah Henry of No. 3 Village, West Coast Berbice (WCB) were murdered in September 2020 and their butchered bodies were discovered in the Cotton Tree backlands a day later.

The police at the time promised a $3M reward for the suspects who were later arrested and charged for the crime.

The informant told BIG Smith News Watch that in addition to him being snubbed by everyone within law enforcement and government when he approached them for his reward, the police have also caused the information that he provided about the suspects to be leaked to their relatives who have been threatening him.

The man, whose identity will not be revealed for obvious reasons, noted that after realising that his identity and the information which he shared with the police was leaked to the relatives of the suspects, he was forced to go into hiding. Unable to work, it was at this point that the deliverance of the announced award became of interest to him.

The man said that while he is urging persons to strongly reconsider information they share with the police to avoid his fate.

Several parts of the country, particularly Regions 6, 5, and 4, experienced days of unrest as a result of the murders of Joel and Isiah Henry. During those protests, another teen, Haresh Singh, was killed after which the police and army were forced to take the streets to ensure the situation did not further deteriorate, with wanton damage to property, and even more loss of lives as a direct spin-off from the killings and disorder.

The informant noted that he has been able to keep quiet about his role in bringing the suspects to justice. He said even his wife and siblings are unaware of the role he played in helping to solve the crime that had the potential to throw the entire country into a state of volatility.

The man told BIG Smith News Watch that he is concerned about his safety, and quite frankly, fearful for his life.