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Police on the road with speed guns for hours coming to end

A policeman testing out a recently acquired speed gun which the police force currently uses 

Policemen and women who have a love for the speed guns which they often jump out from blind spots to point in the direction of motorists can enjoy the last days of these guys and their days of functioning as ‘speed gun police’ is soon coming to an end.

On Wednesday evening President Irfaan Ali announced that the country will be installing electronic speed monitoring systems that will replace the use of the speed guns. The system is presently being tested and will be installed on the new Mandela to Eccles Highways and all other highways being built thereafter.

According to the president, the speed, registration plates and the type of vehicle will all be captured by the system which is currently being tested.

“We have to create an environment that is conducive here, we cannot have madmen and women driving on the road. So we are going to take that away from the police in a sense that they don’t have to spend hours on the road anymore with a speed gun and it starting from the new highway am giving you an early warning, your electronic ticket will be sent to the court and to your home simitaniously good luck Merry Christmas” President Ali stated on Wednesday evening to loud cheers.

The President was at the time addressing a gathering for the Guyana Tourism Association’s Annual Awards and Gala,

According to the Head of State, the move is one that has to be taken if the country is serious about a change in the [road] culture. He expressed alarm at the manner in which some citizens use the roadways,

“Something the way some of these people drive on the road begs the question whether we even have an appreciation for our own lives, so we are going to invest in technology and the systems that will guide change, unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of time to catch up anymore. We have to put the highest standards and everybody have to come up to speed with the standards without speeding”

With the new system being touted y the president and which from all indications is also in Guyana, this can see the force now having more manpower at its disposal as the boots on the ground operating speed guns and monitoring speed, will now be utilized in other areas,

It will also reduce the instances of corruption associated with the police officers who take money from motorists against issuing them with tickets for speeding.