Police Force investigating possible internal financial fraud

Two police sergeants attached to the Guyana Police Force Finance Department have been placed under close arrest and sent to the Tactical Service Unit.

Sources within the Guyana Police Force at the TSU have confirmed that the men were sent there on Wednesday after it was found a number of irregularities pertaining to the accounting system at the Guyana Police Force might have been compromised.

On Thursday evening, efforts to contact the Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioners Administration, Special Branch and the force Finance Officer have all proved futile.

Contact was made with Crime Chief, Deputy Commissioner Lyndon Alves but he said that he has no comment to make on the matter.

One source familiar with the investigation related that the two sergeants have been working at the department for a number of years, their names were given as Fraser and Corbin.

One is said to be very hands on with handling matter of capital expenditures of the force while the other is deals with vouchers.

There is also the claim that irregularities have been found with respect to monies and or vouchers for ranks who would have worked extra duties. Extra duties is where policemen and woman would receive and addition sum if they are detailed to work at shows, cricket, national events or other activities.

In the past, policemen and women would complain that they were either short changed or in other instances, not paid at all for duties that they would have been asked to work. There are also claims by some that they would sign for the monies but those monies are not given to them.

Operatives of the finance Minister have confirmed that they received instructions from the Guyana Police Force that the names of the two policemen be removed ‘from the system’

The Guyana Police Force, has not yet released official word on the status quo of this investigation.



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