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Police Corporal dies in river-mishap while on duty

The police boat the cops and prisoners were in at the time of the incident

The Guyana Police Force has been plunged into mourning with the death of Police Corporal Peter Scipio who is stationed in Berbice.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed the body of the cop was pulled from the Berbice River after the boat he; Scipio and other ranks were traveling in suffered the mishap, Scipio was the captain at the time.

The boat the ranks and prisoners were in at the time

We were told that while in the vicinity of Burmine, the waters became rough and that caused Scipio who was not wearing a life vest to be flung into the river while the waves continued controlling the boat which by that time had also developed a failed engine. The boat eventually toppled.

Other ranks who were on the boat tried desperately to make it to Scipio’ rescue but that proved futile because of the current in the water and the waves, within seconds, he was nowhere to be seen.

Police sourced indicated that the team of police which numbered eight and two prisoners were heading to an intelligence led operation which was aimed as executing a drug eradication exercise.

BIG Smith News Watch was able to confirm that all weapons and rounds which the ranks had in their possession at the time were retrieved.

It was also reported that after the team was able to send a distress message, the Coast Guard arrived and a search which lasted for about two hours resulted in the discovery of Corporal Scorpioโ€™s remains floating face down close to the River Bank.

The eight ranks who were on the vessel including Scipio were unaware of where they were going and had to be guided by the two prisoners who were the ones feeding them the intelligence on the location of the drugs cultivation.

At the Central Police Station family members show up to solicit information on what exactly went wrong and were too traumatized to speak with the media.