Police constable on bail for causing death of three

Emotions filled the courtroom as police constable, Simion Alder, who crashed into a parked lorry on the Whim Public Road on August 2nd, killing Jessica Gallaway, Reon Moriah and Kwesi Lewis was on Thursday morning slapped with three charges of dangerous driving and causing death of the three Corentyne youngers.


The charges were handed down to him by his worship, Rabindranath Singh at the Whim Magistrate’s Court who placed Alder on bail in the sum of three hundred thousand dollars;  one hundred thousand in each other the three charges.  Amanda Small, Patricia Davidson and Tomaika Solomon, mothers of the three young people who were killed were seen in tears as they left the court on Thursday morning.


Gallaway’s mother Amanda Small said she is pleased that the person who was responsible for her only child’s death was charged, “It’s been five months and I feel a little relaxed that he was charged but to have bail of only $300,000 is not pleasing to me at all, but that’s how it is,” Small said


Meanwhile, the mothers of 21 year old Kwesi Lewis and 25 year old Reon Moriah were too emotional and distraught over the incident and the outcome and was not able to speak to the media, “at this point I can’t say anything, I’m not in the mood,” one of the women said.


Gallaway, Moriah, Lewis and Alder who was the driver of motorcar PWW 582 that crashed into a parked lorry on the Whim Public road were heading home from an event at Alness on the night of the accident. Reports indicated that Alder who was driving under the influence of alcohol was speeding at the time and collided with the lorry. He was on his way to take Gallaway home. Lewis who was in the front seat of the said vehicle was pronounced dead on arrival at the Port Mourant Hospital along with Gallaway and Moriah. However, Alder sustained minor injuries and was treated.