Police called in to probe missing laptop from MP’s bag

Police have been called as a the laptop of Member of Parliament Catherine Hughes went missing. The MP reportedly left the laptop along with some documents in her brief case in the dome of the Arthur Chung Convention Centre where the National Assembly has been convened.

The former minister discovered the laptop missing when she returned from lunch. The documents remained intact but the laptop is missing. This publication understands that the police have been called in and a search is expected to happen.

In a brief interview Hughes said that she was informed that the police are examining some footage from cameras outside of the Dome as the cameras in the Dome were switched out when the MPs leave that area. Asked about the value of the laptop, Hughes asked if that matters as she pointed out that the act of theft in the National Assembly is most indecent. Asked too if she feels she was targeted, the MP asked “are there other laptops missing?”

Hughes husband, Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes in a social media post said “just when you thought things could not get worse in the National Assembly, a laptop is stolen from a MP’s bag in the Dome in the National Assembly during the budget debates.”

The MPs are currently debating the 2021 national budget.