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Police brothers abduct, torture 17-Y-O mason

Seventeen year old Askajy Budhiram displays the burns he received in his back

Two police constables on Monday assisted by other persons, reportedly abducted a seventeen year old mason, Askajy Budhiram of Lot 3928 Westmister La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara while he was at a game shop in the community. they reporetdly bundled him into a car trunk and took him to a house where he was handcuffed, beaten and burnt with hot water.

The home the teen lives with his mother and other siblings

The incident stemmed from an alleged break and enter at the home of the policemen who are siblings and who live a few streets away from the teenager.

Today Commissioner of Police Leslie James in what can be considered a proactive move, called a press conference to address the issue and update the press about the actions taken thus far in the matter by the force.

Askajy Budhiram

โ€œIt was reported that two members of the Guyana Police Force allegedly caused some injuries to a seventeen year old male East Indian yesterday. The allegation is that sometime between the hours of 11.30 he was picked up by these two ranks who allegedly were with other persons and taken to a dwelling in the La Parfaite Harmonie area, I think the dwelling is their residenceโ€ James told the media.

He continued โ€œThe background to that is that the dwelling was broken and entered into sometime prior and it was felt that the young man was a suspect. The allegation is that the ranks proceeded to inflict injuries on him, that is, he was beaten and he was also burnt about his body by some liquid, I suspect it might have been water, hot water. So as a responsible force I thought it best for us to meet this way so that I can report directly and let you know that its matter that we are currently investigating. I can say to you that the two ranks are in custody and this matter is being investigated, the investigation is being led by a very senior police officerโ€

The home where the two police brothers live and which they accused the teen of breaking into

Following the press conference on the matter, BIG Smith News Watch travelled to the community where we visited the homes of the teenager and the policemen. At the home of the teenager, his siblings were present but he along with his mother were not there.

Contact was subsequently made with her and she related that she was with the police who were taking her son back to the home of the policemen where the torture took place.

When we arrived there, the young man was in the building with a number of policemen.ย  A female who was also at home at the time, did not agree to our request to enter the premises and conduct an interview with her.

However with tears in her eyes and recalling that one of the men threatened to kill her son, Sabrina Lutch spoke with BIG Smith News Watch.

โ€œyesterday I got a call about two o clock from my big son and said that eight man kidnap, put meh son in a trunk and dem an know where part dem carry heโ€ ย The woman said that her son was picked up from game shop in the community which is located some corners away.

The woman said that her son, Askajy Budhiram who will be eighteen years old in January was accused by the policemen of breaking into their home and that he reportyedly stole a phone and game. According to her, her son did explained to her that when the men began burning him with the hot water, if he had taken the phone, or broke into their home, he would have confessed.

BIG Smith News Watch learnt that the men placed the child on a bed and placed handcuffs on his hands. It is also reported that they were armed with batons and the water used to burn him, was being tossed on him kettle.

The woman said that when the police revisited the scene today, her son did not see the kettle which used to pour the hot water on him.

Askajy Budhiram with the polcie issued handcuff on his hands

Askajy Budhiram is currently nursing burns to his face and back. His mother said that when she saw her son on Monday, he still had the handcuff on him and the police who were very professional in dealing with them when they arrived at the police station, used a key to release the cuffs.

The police investigating the matter are slated to conduct an identification parade. Today Commissioner of Police Leslie James confirmed that the alleged break and enter took place on December 12, 2019. He further stated that the two police ranks are under close arrest, one at the Tactical Services Unit and the other at another location.

The two police men are stationed at TSU and Wales Police Station respectively.