PNCR elects new faces for Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer

Several relatively new faces are to be added to the Central Executive of the People’s National Congress Reform. On Sunday afternoon, Chief Elections Officer Vincent Alexander announced that Member of Parliament Shurwayne Holder garnered some 407 votes he nab the Chairmanship of the party. Holder, would have beaten out fellow MPs Amanza Walton-Desir who gained some 217 votes, Roysdale Forde with 256 votes and Christopher Jones with some 51 votes.

Others who contested for that position included Simona Broomes, Dawn Hastings, Sharma Solomon and Mervyn Williams. For the Vice Chair posts, two members are elected. Elizabethe Williams-Niles is one of the two as she got some 470 votes. However, the Coalition’s Chief Whip Christopher Jones along with fellow MP Vinceroy Jordan are tied with 381 votes.

Alexander said that how the tie will be resolved is still to be determined. Among the others who contested that post are Annette Ferguson, Dawn Hastings, Mayor Ubraj Narine, Sharma Solomon, Darren Wade and Mervyn Williams.

Faaiz Mursaline has been elected treasurer of the party beating out Dr Karen Cummings, Ivelaw Henry, Ubraj Narine and Daniel Seeram among others.

Up to last evening, information suggested that Aubrey Norton swept the votes for the leadership of the party. Today, Alexander said Norton gained 967 votes, Joseph Harmon 245 and Dr Richard Van West Charles, 64 votes.

Alexander who declared some of the results on Sunday afternoon said that the selection of the 15 Central Executive Members will be done over course of the day as he pointed out that some 1200 persons voted.