PNCR Congress: Alexander urges public to wait on the “real thing”

Chief Elections Officer for the PNCR Party Congress Vincent Alexander promises that the results that would see the election of various leadership posts within the PNCR would be known tomorrow Sunday.

Alexander called on the public to await his declaration or what he described as the “real thing” tomorrow and avoid speculation. Based on several well placed sources within the party, long standing executive member Aubrey Norton remains in the lead for leader of the PNCR.

Just after 11PM on Saturday night, Alexander who appeared in an interview on the party’s social media platform said that various counts are still ongoing with the the last category being that of the central executive.

Some 123 persons contesting for various posts within the party’s central executive which makes the counting process tedious, Alexander said. “No one is in a position to declare a result,” Alexander declared, “No one is in possession of all the information required for that declaration.”

Alexander confirmed that much of the counting or tallying of votes is finished. 700 persons were nominated for several positions, that was narrowed down to some 123 persons when the process of accepting the nominations was concluded.