PNC examining whether its congress can be held soon – Granger

The Central Executive Committee of the People’s National Congress will be meeting soon to decide on whether or not the party will have its congress this year, Party Leader David Granger said on Friday. In a video statement released by the Party, Granger said that CEC is examining a “study” to determine how soon congress can be held, “the only reason that congress has not been held so far is because of the pandemic,” Granger said.

The Party’s Congress was due in 2020 and Granger said that General and Regional Elections and the COVID-19 pandemic were among the reasons the party could not be held then. The former President said that if the party’s congress is to be held, it must be done in “compliance with the law,” referring to the public health measures that restrict the large gathering of persons.

Two days ago, a small group of unknown persons gathered outside the Sophia Headquarters of the PNC calling Granger to announce a date for the congress, when asked about their demands, the party leader said that congress will be held, “I don’t have to run from congress, people have challenged me before, I am democratic and I depend on the democratic support of the majority of the party members, so I am not running from anything other than COVID-19.”

On Friday morning too, PNC Member and Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon said the picketing exercise in front of Congress Place had a “specific finger print” as he insinuated it was organised by another political party.

“You know the PNC/APNU people, when they go out to picket, they picket proudly, they hold their pickets up and people can actually see what is there, they also very happy to speak to the media, so this matter of hiding your face, with the placards, is a particular pattern, a particular tactic which is used by a specific political party.”