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Phillips unretires his army call sign ‘Super’ to battle for PPP/C

PPP Prime Ministerial Candidate Mark ‘Super’ Phillips 

Peoples Progressive Party Civic Presidential Candidate and Retired Guyana Defense Force Brigadier Mark Phillips has un-retire his army call sign to deliver a ‘super’ victory from the PPP.

“They use to call me super in GDF that’s my nom de guerre, my war name so I am taking back my war name I am the Super for the PPP/C” Phillips told a PPP rally at Albion on the Corentyne Coast Sunday afternoon.

A ‘call sign’ is a covert name given to senior functionaries in Law Enforcement, Defense Agencies and government figures and is only known to operatives within those agencies. It is to allow for reference to be made to these persons in documents and via radio communication and which, if intercepted by civilians, will be difficult for them (civilians) to know who is being referred to.

In his speech on Sunday, ‘Super’ Phillips told the rally that the coalition is running scared as he made reference to his decision to exit retirement and get involved in politics.

“But by the way comrades they have about five Brigadiers, admirals, colonels and commissioner of police with them and this one Brigadier come out of retirement and join the PPPC and they are running scared”

A section of the crowd at the PPP rally at Albion on Sunday

He also spoke of the comments made by APNU executive Joseph Harmon, himself a former member of the Guyana Defense Force.

“The coalition is desperate and running scared, one of their leaders, Joe Harmon referred to me as African or black tokenism on the PPP list. But comrades Harmon if you are to follow his reasoning, if taken seriously, he is telling you that all non-Africans in the coalition are mere tokenism and we don’t believe that, we believe everybody has a right to support whichever party they want to support”

The former army head said that the PPP does not only speak about harmony but it is also reflected in the list they submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission on Nomination Day.

“Harmon is worried, he is very worried because we in the PPP, we don’t just speak about racial harmony and racial unity we in the PPP lead by example check our list comrades if you want to see example, check out list of candidates, we have a list of candidates that represents youth, a list that represents all races of Guyana, a list that reflects our country’s diversity it is a national, a truly national list, it is a winning list comrades.”

Mark Phillips who was introduced as ‘a real brigadier’ by the MC of the rally said that the PPP will be marching to victory on March 02 come rain or sun.

“One of their comrades even said a Philips supported PPP/C is no match for a coalition heading by David granger but you tell them comrades who is match for you, one outmatching five”

“I was asked to come out retirement and I thank you for this opportunity to be your prime ministerial candidate for this opportunity to be ready to support the government of Dr. Irfaan Ali on march the second.”

Like his previous speech in Kitty, Phillips said that he brings his experience in public service and defense and security to the table.

“Comrades we are certain that the PPP will win the next election and we form the next government to correct the mismanagement of Guyana by the failed coalition government, the failed paper coalition government.” he told supporters

The crowd gathered at Albion on Sunday was the largest pulled by the PPPC since its rallies started.