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Phillips talks up ‘anti-crime/ security strategy’ for next PPP Gov’t

Former GDF Head Mark Phillips in his maiden political speech

Political newcomer Brigadier (rtd) Mark Phillips Mark Phillips hinted at the introduction of an anti-crime and security strategy to be implemented by the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) once it secure victory at the upcoming March 02, 2020 elections.

Phillips, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the PPP, made this disclosure at the launch of the party’s campaign today in Kitty where he delivered his maiden public speech from a political platform.

Describing himself as “the next Prime Minister of Guyana,” Phillips said the country has a crime problem which needs to be address. He said the anti-crime and security strategy will be designed to do such.

“This strategy will be a comprehensive one which will be linked to other strategies to create employment and reduce poverty,” he said, noting that these efforts are all aimed at providing a better life for all Guyanese.

In November of last 2019, Security Minister Ramjattan shared that before 2015, Guyana had a crime rate of 19.5 per one hundred thousand persons, and has now been reduced to 15 per one hundred thousand persons – a decrease which he believes is “significant”.

Mark Phillips told the Kitty rally that the PPP over the last few years has been listening to listening to the cries of youths and the elderly.

Part of the crowd at PP’s P rally lunch on Sunday

“Youth and elderly have wonderful ideas that will help to create a better life for all Guyanese,” he added.

The PM candidate said the PPP has taken those ideas and plans into consideration and included them in the party’s manifesto.

“Read the manifesto and come March 2, 2020, we will vote for the cup and return the PPP to government. I can assure you that it is the PPP that has the vision and strategy to lead the people of Guyana towards prosperity” he reiterated.

Phillips who served the Guyana Defense Force from 1980 to 2016, sought to assure party supporters that he is the right fit for Prime Minster because of his leadership experience and years of service in the public service.

“What do it bring as PM candidate? Years of experience in public service and leadership.  My experience in leadership and public service will help the PPP to move Guyana forward,” he noted.

The former army head’s confirmation as the PPP’s Prime Ministerial candidate came on Friday after months of speculations and as President Granger, also a retired Brigadier was delivering his feature address the APNU’s election campaign.