Partnering of UK/ Guyanese security firms to see capacity building   

The Sheriff Security Service in Guyana and Praesido Limited out of the United Kingdom have teamed up to provide the local landscape with a variety of specialise d services including but not limited to security.

Speaking with the BIG Smith Crime Watch during an interview on Wednesday, head of the Guyanese based Sheriff Security Service, Ameir Ahmad said the move became necessary in an effort to provide a better service to clients and to also build capacity among locals.

Praesido Limited is known for providing security and other services in a number of countries around the world by personnel who are said to be specialise in the areas of law enforcement, public relations and legal among others.

Over the last few months, the Sheriff Security Service has been picking up a number a number of local contracts to provide security for locally run and expatriate companies along the coast and hinterland locations.

Ahmad said the partnership will see the much needed capacity building that is needed not only in the security but all other areas of strong point that Praesido is known for, given the emerging oil sector in Guyana.

According to him, his company is also in talks with other internationally recognised and operated companies where areas of collaboration and partnerships are being explored, all in an effort to increase efficiency, performance and security for clients.

Praesido Limited is also an ISO 9001 recognised security company.


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